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home staging


When a potential buyer walks into an un-staged property, the result can be uneventful and underwhelming. This can make it very difficult to imagine it as their dream home. Home staging removes this challenge by providing that emotional first impression necessary for the prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there.


Taylor Miller specializes in creating a personal, lived-in and inviting environment, revealing the character and individuality of each home. Taylor Miller staged home typically sells at a price 10-20% higher than an un-staged home, and spends less time on the market.






home restoration + design consultation


With the passing of time, and normal wear and tear, many homes lose their original character and charm. Taylor Miller specializes in restoring homes to their unique classic style and upgrading them with modern amenities. Through collaboration with the homeowners and their other hired professionals, Taylor Miller can help make your current home your dream home.

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