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Where did all the charming objects d’art in this house come from? 

Terence: We shop  all around the world for new and interesting items and artifacts. 

Larisa: We go to estate sales and vintage shops, as well as shopping the same furniture stores you do for your home. Our warehouse is filled with one-of-a-kind pieces that set us apart from other home staging companies, which is what makes our projects feel so welcoming, like a lived-in home does.


Give me 5 words to describe your design/work/ethic or philosophy?

Larisa: Fun, focused, collaborative, original, creative


How do you you divvy up the workload?

Larisa: As you can see, Terence is the salesman, the PR guy while I organize and run our crew. Artistically, our relationship is very collaborative and mostly involves problem solving a space. We first recognize the problem then bounce solutions off each other until the result becomes something we both agree is best.      


And what are your strengths?

Larisa: I see the problems in a house and come up with ideas to solve them, whether it’s moving a wall or a sofa.

Terence: And  I focus on color and the whole emotion of the house.


What drives you when it comes to these projects?

Larisa: With home staging it is bringing out the full potential of a home so buyers can imagine themselves living there. With renovations, restoring the original charm and beauty, then adding our own personal touch.

What is your dream project?

Larisa: Restoring a 100 year old house that has fallen to ruin. 

Terence: My dream project would be to restore a grand, old Spanish or English Tudor home in an old established neighborhood like the Hamptons, Hancock Park, Holmby Hills, Pasadena, or San Marino.


...and your your dream home?

Larisa: My dream home is covered with windows, all of which look upon nature. I want to lay in bed and see trees and stars.

Terence: A stately 7,500 sq ft. English Red Brick Tudor on top of a knoll with a guest house and pool.


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